Natural building


The Hand-Sculpted House: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Building a cob cottage. 2002.  Ianto Evans, Michael G. Smith, Linda Smiley.

The North American reference book for building with cob.


More Straw Bale Building. 2005. Chris Magwood, Peter Mack & Tina Therrien.

A very good introductory book about straw bale building


The Natural Building Companion. 2012. Jacob Deva Racusin, Ace McArleton

One of the most detailed reference guides to building straw bale homes, and other green building techniques. Includes a DVD.


Straw Bale Details: A Manual for Designers and Builders. 2003. Chris Magwood, Chris Walker.

Drawings and text showing details for framing and balework. Once you have a basic knowledge of straw bale construction this is the next step for designing and building your straw bale home


Using Natural Finishes: A Step-by-Step Guide. 2008. Adam Weismann, Katy Bryce.

If you’re only going to own one book about plastering with earth and lime, it should be this one.

Superinsulation and air sealing


The super-insulated retrofit book. 1981. Brian Marshall, Robert Argue

The Passivhaus Handbook. 2012, Janet Cotterell, Adam Dadeby



Musings of an Energy Nerd

Martin Holladay’s blog is one of the best resources for energy efficient building on the web

Alberta Radical Retrofit Video

A Youtube video featuring Harold Orr speaking about the economics of retrofitting buildings

Mill Creek Net Zero House

An inspiring and incredibly detailed blog about the construction of a net zero house in Edmonton


Tools and Materials



Get hemp sliver 1/2″ cut:

Available here (ships from the United States)

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